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Monday, June 29, 2015

Soursop drink recipe : A peranakan concoction


Soursop drink recipe: A peranakan concoction

Recipe and photos courtesy of Alan Song

After all these years, most of my cousins and I can still remember the tree  _ the soursop tree or pokok durian belanda that grew at the side of grandpa's house in our small village of Batu Berendam, Melaka.. Although, the tree was laden with luscious ripe fruits, we paid scant attention to them and  the lucky beneficiaries were the fruit-eating birds. The early morning air would often be filled with their raucous calls as they feasted on the unpicked fruits and alerted their other feathered friends on their find. 

One of the soursop trees in Alan's garden, Seremban

However, today the soursop with their purported medicinal value and promoted as a cancer cure,  have become a much sought-after fruits and I am told a kilo of the fruit can cost as much as RM 12.00.

A ripe soursop on a tree

On one festive occasions, my cousin, Alan, prepared a drink made from soursop which was so refreshing and delicious that I  persuaded him to share his special recipe. 
With his kind permission I wish to share with you his recipe.


1. One ripe soursop

2. One bottle of ice-cream soda

3. Dried sour plum ( asam boi


1, Choose a ripe soursop and peel it. The skin is relatively soft, so it      can be easily peeled with your hands. 

A basket filled with soursop and other fruits from
Alan's garden

2. Place the soursop flesh in a bowl and remove all the seeds.
    Add some sugar , if required.

3. Put the flesh in a blender and puree.

4. Pour the puree into a jug. Slowly, add ice-cream soda and stir until you have achieved the desired  taste. 

5. Add a piece of dried  sour plum ( asam boi ) to taste. 

Dried sour plum ( asam boi )
Photo credit: Flickr - photo sharing
6. The drink is best served chilled with or without ice cubes.

Notes: According to Alan, the soursop drink can be kept for months
            if it is placed in a freezer.

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