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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Our family vacation at Singapore East Coast Resort

Our family vacation at Singapore East Coast Resort

A moment to remember
On a sunny and breezy morning my grandchildren, Audrey and Ethan went to the nearby beach with their grandma. While Audrey was happily building sand castles near the water edge, Ethan was busy scooping sand into a pail under the watchful eyes of her grandma. As Ethan addressed her and his maternal grandma as 'popo', she wanted to teach him to call her grandma. "Call, grandma", she said. Ethan continued digging at the sand and paid scant attention to her. When we were in a car heading towards a food court, Ethan suddenly gazed up at her grandma and in a conspiratorial voice whispered 'Grandma'. He beamed her an impish smile and a satisfying dimpled smile radiated from her face. They hugged each other, a grandmother and grandson, bonded by a single word. 'Grandma'.

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