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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to grow bougainvillea from a branch

How to grow bougainvillea from a branch

“Wow! Must have taken years for the bougainvillea to have a trunk of that width,” my friend said, as he gazed at the plant in the garden.
“Not really, only a few years,” I replied.
“My bougainvillea is still spindly after so many years.”
“Well, here’s the trick,” I told him. Thought I'd share the little 'secret'.


1. Get a fairly large, healthy branch, about two three feet in length. ( You can get the branch from a matured plant that you intend to prune or from other available sources)
2. Soak about a third of the root side of the branch in a pail of water. Ensure that the pail is well covered to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in it.
3. About three to four weeks you may see tiny roots at the soaked end.
4. Get ready a big pot filled with potting medium. Make a fairly large hole in the potting medium.
5. Slowly lower the branch into the hole and compress lightly the potting medium around the branch to stabilise the branch. You can also tie it to a stake.
6. Place the pot in a shady place and water regularly around the branch. However, do not over- water.
7. Wait for some weeks for the branch to root and sprout young shoots.
8. Once the plant is established, place the pot in a sunny spot.

9. Prune the plant to achieve the desired shape.
10. Get rid of the water shoots( the young shoots that may sprout out after pruning) on the main stem.

Happy gardening and enjoy the bloom.

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