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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to make a fake tree trunk/stump for your garden

How to make a fake tree trunk/stump for your garden
by C S Wan

A fake tree trunk/stump made from cement can be used to   display plants such as orchids, and ferns;  as a support for climbing plants and as a platform to display decorative items. Fake tree trunks/stumps are suitable for outdoor garden as they do not rot and are more resistant to termites.
Below are some photos of fake tree trunks/stumps I have made for my garden and  instructions on how to make a fake tree trunk from wire mesh and cement. 
Fern. orchid and fern on a fake tree trunk

Portulaca ( moss rose ) cascading from a fake tree stump

A fake stump used as a planter for periwinkles

Bougainvillea growing in a fake stump

Zinias and cosmos growing in a fake stump

A fake tree trunk used as support for orchids and a 'branch' to hold a man-made squirrel

Fake stumps used as  platforms for a' mouse-deer' and an 'eagle' 

Things required
1. Wire mesh
2. Wire cutter
3. Cement
4. Pliers
5. Spade
6. Plastic pots
6. Emulsion paint

1. With a wire cutter cut a piece of wire mesh, according to required  size for the tree trunk. (pic. 1)
2. Roll the wire to form a cylinder and secure the loose ends by bending them with a pair of pliers. Cover one end of the cylinder with the wire mesh.(pic.2)
3. Wrap the cylinder with newspaper and tie it with raffia strings.(pic.3)
4. From the open end use a spade to plaster the inside of the cylinder with cement until the entire area is covered.  Leave the cylinder overnight to allow the cement to dry completely.(pic.4)
5. Unwrap the newspaper and plaster the outside of the plaster with cement. With a plastic fork  score the  wet cement to form  the bark. (pic.5)
6. Place the covered end of the cylinder on newspaper and pour in wet cement. Leave it to dry.(pic.6)
7. Cover the other end of the cylinder with a piece of wire mesh and plaster it with cement. You will now have the first section of the tree trunk.(pic7)
8. For the second section  cut a hole in the wire mesh and insert a plastic pot which can be used as a planter. Follow steps 1-7 to make the second section. You can make as many sections as you like until you have the required height.(pic8)
9.  Dig a hole about a foot deep. Put in the first section of the trunk in the hole and fill round the base with cement.   Stack and secure the rest of the sections  with cement. To  hide the joints  apply some cement round the joints and score it with a fork. (pic.9) 
10. When the tree trunk has dried completely, paint it with dark brown emulsion paint.
Notes: Use your creativity to add other decorative  features such as branches, roots, etc. to the tree trunk. 

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August 21, 2013


  1. I love this!!! Thank you for taking the time to share.

    1. Hi HM.
      Thanks for the positive comment. Glad to share.

  2. What if you want to add branches...won't the branches break because of the weight?