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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Cherishing life's little moments

Hi I'm Audrey. I'm standing in front of a shop. The  mannequins are in the shop window.

Cherishing life's little moments
By Audrey Wan

Hello everyone. It has been an exceptionally long time since I have written an article for the blog, especially for someone who is fascinated with writing, but time stops for no man.I have been caught up in the rat race here in Singapore, trying to spend time with my family and nurture my interests when not occupied with school work, and the December holidays are like a breath of fresh air for me. 
I am now eleven, and my grandfather's stories still captivate me, as I see the bygone days  through his eyes.

This week my grandpa and grandma have traveled from Melaka to visit my family, and we are staying at a homely chalet out in Pasir Ris.
With my ma, pa, Ethan and grandparents at Downtown East

Walking down the  paved pathway to the Pasir Ris chalets
At first I was busy over-planning and over-analyzing; we had to maximize the time, use every second of it to properly enjoy ourselves, and visit all the interesting spots.

At the Wild Wild Wet water theme park
Two days later, as I sat in the Wild Wild Wet water theme park, I had a horrible thought that we weren't having enough 'fun'. Upon hearing it my father said,
"What is fun to you?"
"You're not supposed to look for it, sometimes it comes to you by itself."
A fatherly advice

Like other youngsters I had often tried to prove it wrong,  but I knew the wisdom of the elders should not be ignored.
I pondered over it for a moment and realized that the little moments that slip by with the sands of time are the most precious: The red and orange haze of the setting sun, the laughter of the little boy as he tumbles giddily off the bed, the warm hand of a friend grasping your own as you glide forward on your ice skates. I had concentrated on the general picture of enjoying myself and overlooked the importance of these little actions and words. 

It turned out that just by being with my grandparents and chatting leisurely with them made me happy, and the cozy atmosphere in the room melted away all my troubles. 

In the arms of my grandparents

With my popo and baby brother, Ethan

What my father said was a small but crucial piece of advice, no doubt one that could help me through the rough spots in life.

As my grandparents are leaving tomorrow, I will continue to capture and cherish  those little moments together. 

Notes: Dear Audrey, 
           Thanks for the beautiful piece of writings which warms 
           and touches our hearts. 
           I have included some photos in your text and below are
           some other photos taken during the vacation.



  1. Nice essay and pictures to capture the wonderful memory...thanks for posting! :)

  2. Audrey!!! It's been so long since Shanita and I last saw you! I must say, your writing is fantastic! I'm busy writing a few stories of my own now, and hopefully you'll get to read them during Chinese New Year.

    Your cousin,
    Shalina :)

  3. Hey Shalina ;),
    I'm looking forward to reading your stories more than anything else! (Except, of course, finally seeing you and Shanita again). Are you still drawing your famous comics? Life in Singapore has been good, busy, a whole tornado of surprises and disappointments. It's literally LIVING on a rollercoaster. You're right,I haven't seen you in real life for more than 2 years...I bet I'll get a real shock during Chinese New Year;D. I heard you had a singing performance with Shanita and I'm proud to say you're my cousin! Wait-not that I wasn't before, haha. Have a fab end of the year and I'll see you in Febuary!
    Your slightly weird, glad-to-be-alive and hopelessly obsessed with "Cherishing those moments" Cousin,